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Learn how Ignite OnDemand can help you win the ‘War for Talent’ and help you (and your staff) manage your career for personal and professional fulfillment, peak performance and productivity.
Ignite OnDemand’s interactive virtual training is comprised of a series of courses aimed at both managers and individuals and includes exceptional tracking, measuring and monitoring capabilities.
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Quick Overview

The Social Age demands a fresh approach.

Technology and globalization have dramatically changed the way we work, what we expect from our employees – and what they expect from us. Yet many of the practices we use to hire and manage staff have their roots in the Industrial Age. This—along with the aging workforce—has led to our chronically low employee engagement rates, diminished productivity, soaring employee turnover and a growing global skills shortage.

This model is broken.

Ignite OnDemand provides state-of-the-art interactive virtual training to help you update the way you attract, engage and retain staff for today’s Social Age.

It also helps individuals take control of their career to ensure personal and professional goal alignment and achievement, peak performance and productivity and true job satisfaction.

Strategic features designed to create success

Navigate efficiently.

Accountability Tools

Track, measure and monitor with real-time data. Ensure effective training happens on time.

24-Hour Access

The right time to train is when you have the time. Ignite OnDemand is ready whenever you are.

Interactive Simulations

Communication is a two-way street. Interact with the Ignite OnDemand mentors as you learn.

Social Age Solutions

State of the art solutions – on a state-of-the-art platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Light Up Your Career™

How are you going to teach me to love my job?

In the 15 years I worked as a recruiter, I worked with more than 5,000 people and got to see the difference between those who did a really good job of managing their career – and achieving the goals they really wanted – and those who didn’t. The strategies I learned from those who did manage their careers positively will help keep your career on course to achieve all of your personal and professional goals, play to your strengths and be able to bounce back from those inevitable setbacks.

How will I get where I want to go with my job?

I want to flip that question on its head: Consider where you want to go before asking how you’ll get there. By setting clear goals you can determine your destination. I will help you do that.

I hate goal setting. Is this going to be a waste of my time?

No. Talking about goals or even the thought of goal setting is a positive step. And I’ll give you a really simple system that will change the way you think about goal setting forever.

How do you define “career”?

I’d like to expand the definition of the word career. More than just a succession of jobs, it’s a collection of experiences that don’t, necessarily, have to be linear.

How will I know if I’m on the right career path, or better yet: my one true path?

This is the Don Quixote syndrome and people who do this are always chasing windmills, never finding true happiness. There are multiple paths that can be equally as fulfilling.

I’m frustrated with my job. Should I quit and start over with a clean slate?

In my experience, not many people actually need to take that drastic all or nothing step. Many people are closer than they think – in the right house, say, just the wrong room. Some are even in the right room, just on the wrong side of it.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Since taking the course my one-on-one meetings have become more relevant, and I regularly receive positive feedback from my staff telling me that they look forward to my catch-ups with them.
Marcu Babajews, Head of Development - Razorfish Australia
I am pleased to report a definite improvement in the conversations between mangers and staff—with many mangers taking advantage of these tools in each conversation.
Kim Kirsten, Senior Executive, HR & Business Services - Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation
The Light Up Your Career and Manager Programs are second to none. I truly believe that businesses that work with Kim to implement these programs effectively will provide their employees with lasting skills and experiences that will stand their business in good stead for the future. The approach taken by Kim will also make the whole process both pleasurable and ensure lasting results are achieved.
Kate Steenkamp, GM - OD, Talent, L&D, Organisational Change - NBN Co.
Mind Reading for Managers is a refreshing and effective approach to people management.
Madel Giles, HR - Razorfish
I can highly recommend the Light up Your Career program to anyone wanting to help staff get clarity about what their options are, understand their strengths and become more agile in looking at opportunities. I have staff that can attribute their success in progressing their careers thanks to this program.
Richard Brincat, Change and Capability Specialist - Sydney Water

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